Mast installations
Aerial Oy has its own mast groups to take care of the on-site mast erection, antenna and cable installations and the final inspection and approval. These groups work all the year round and guarantee fast, safe and reliable mast installation. As they arrive they have got everything with them in their vehicles: mast elements, tools, truck-mounted hoister plus antennas, cables, earthing kits, connectors and so forth if agreed so. The only resource that is needed from outside with bigger towers is a crane or alternatively a helicopter if the site is beyond reach of crane vehicles.

Antenna installations and cabling
Antenna installation and cabling service is easiest to include to initial mast building operation but can also be ordered separately. Aerial mast crews perform fast and reliably and if required for example radiation pattern computer simulations can be done to verify desired specifications. Aerial's antenna production line plus expertise as a cable representative help you to choose an optimized solution.

Foundations, road and equipment shelter
Usually the bedplate is cast by Aerial according to drawings, instructions and materials agreed upon. Even an adequate road leading from nearest public roadway to the foundations are generally constructed by Aerial Oy.

Equipment shelter for the new mast is most often organized and constructed by the customer.

Final approval
As the construction has been completed the final approval will be made usually by the supervisor representing the customer.




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